Divine Development™ The Method

KiMani’s technique is a Method of Divine Discovery™

It is a blend of Holy witnessing and Spiritual-lifting. Her method is a unique blend of casual conversation, inquiry and a deep intuitive listening supported by guidance from the Spirt realm. She has the innate ability to be extremely empathetic with her clients thereby able to hear often what the client her/himself doesn’t know is being said. She uses breath, stillness, meditation, movement, prayer, invocation and an inner wisdom in each session so that healing happens on multiple levels. She uses her personal method of Divine Discovery™ along with the Divine Development Program™ to create an all inclusive program for total Well-Being.


Divine Development™ is the process of cleaning the body, clearing the mind and cultivating the Spirit in order to connect with the Divinity that lives within you. It was created to support individuals who are tired of living life on the sidelines and seeing the world pass them by. It was created for people who truly want to make changes in their life and can’t quite see how to do it. This is for you if you’re tired of feeling like a victim of your experiences and want to become an active participant in your life. Clients will learn skills in meditation, affirmative prayer, and life skills incorporating Universal Laws and principles to help you become the person you want to be.

Shifting behaviors that are long ingrained can be challenging, but once you’ve established within yourself the connection to your Divine blueprint through the techniques learned in Divine DevelopmentTM, you will be able to draw from a reservoir to help you shift and create a life full of unconditional Love and Spiritual support. Staying in a behavior, thought pattern or negative speaking that stifles your spirit, muffles your creativity can literally make you sick. This is unacceptable. You are meant to experience your Divinity right here on Earth. As above so Below, as within so without! Many people accept that their life situation is something that they must “get through” or “endure” because they just don’t know how to break free, or they don’t see how they could Love themselves enough to make the change to life a Divine Life right here and now.

Divine DevelopmentTM’ training programs include one-on-one Soul AlchemyTM Sessions to support clients through the processes of breaking through negative thought patterns, negative behavioral patterns and restoring connection to the Divine that is within them and in all things. It includes individualized assessment and personal steps to guide you toward Wholeness. These sessions can include and are not limited to meditation techniques, personal challenges, required readings, journaling, workshops, retreats, and accountability through individual and group partnerships.

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