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Here is a meditation the I use almost daily. It is called Sufi Elemental Purification Breaths. This is the foundational practice that I use before beginning any healing work. Use it to start your day or before doing an emotional release practice.


This meditation is about 13 minutes in length. It is called Mirror Meditation. It helps shift energy and surround you with love and white light.

This meditation is about 10 minutes in length. It starts right away so please get yourself comfortable before playing.

Meditation to create a New Belief inspired by the book “The Four Levels of Healing” Shakti Gawain

Background music by AEOLIAH called Dolphin Serenade.

The background music  is from Dean Evenson’s CD Healing Waters. Click on the link to purchase this wonderful music.

Summer Outside Meditation:

Additional 5 minute Meditation