My Tool Box



People have asked me what I do to keep me feeling positive and in the vibration of joy, so here is a list. I really do use the things I often assign to my private clients. Here are a few of them. Some of it brings me joy or keeps me going in the midst of tough times, other things help me create balance in my life or do the work needed to keep my in the vibration of love. The list will be periodically updated so stay tuned. I am an amazon affiliate so I have added links to make it easier to find the products. Enjoy!

Keep Me Going

The Law of Attraction CD 

Ready to Fly

Brings Me Joy

Kundalini Yoga with Cate Bailey of Montclair Kundalini Yoga 

Shake Dance at Montclair Kundalini Yoga

Restorative Yoga at Roots Wellness Center with Kerry

Find My Peace

Violet Flame Heart Head & Hand Decrees

Sounding Hu

Create Balance

The Movie What the Bleep Do We Know

(Book) The Circle of Grace Frequency and Physicality

Recommended Readings and looks that help me Express Self-Love

Radical Forgiveness

Radical Self-Forgiveness

Love without Conditions

The Silence of the Heart