Prayers for you

 This is KiMani’s Affirmative Prayer for you. Read it as often as you like. May it refresh your spirit and strengthen the TRUTH of you as Divine.

You are free to share it and repost it as long as you give proper credit which includes full name and contact information. 


Prayer for The Month 

Aeoliah from the CD “Majesty” -Song title Sanctus Dominus

I breathe in and as I do I am immediately tapped into and tuned into the Divine Presence of The Divinity within Me. It is the Outer Most Goddess and the Inner Most GoddEssence Divinely connected through my heart. She is the keeper of the wisdom that I have held within my womb throughout every lifetime that I have ever lived.
I become still and I feel her subtle promptings guiding me like a gentle hand. I close my eyes of judgement and fear and let her Love lead. In sweet surrender to her power I step confidently forth. Every choice becomes a beacon light, a light house of affirmative moments guiding me to my highest GoOD.


I am devoted. This indwelling presence is recognized in my actions as living in alignment with the Truth with a capitol T. The Truth is; I am Wisdom, I am Confident and I am Divinely Guided and Directed. I am living life full out, Joyfully experiencing the pleasures of the world without attachment. Taking each day as a gift, living each breath completely present and shining radiantly my light on all humanity.

I AM Divinely Guided, I AM Wise I AM Living Life Confidently with every breath that I breathe, I AM Divinely ME.

KiMani Divine©2017

Listen to this prayer and share here. Background music by Craig Pruess & Ananda: 108 Names of the Divine Mother 


I AM the eternal breath of the Divine

It breathes into me renewed life

Every moment an eternity in motion

I AM moving  into greater expansion

I am evolution in action

Everyday is a New Day to experience God as the gift of Life

To express Joy in Be’Ing

 I am that I am Eternally Alive and Free.

KiMani Divine©2017

Listen to this prayer and share here.

background music by Gianni Bardaro from the CD The seven Chakras Activation


Another Prayer for you

With Gratitude I greet each day, a gift from Love Divine
With Gratitude I greet each day, a lesson from on high
With Gratitude I greet each day, a newness now appears
I AM the Light of Love today illuminating all fears

In Perfect Trust the TRUTH of Love unfurls its wings within
I ReCognize my innocence and freedom from all sins
In Joy I share it with the world, woman, man and child
In Gratitude I live each day in Unconditional Love
Like lofty goals the seat of my Soul sits under wisdoms tree
I AM now returning back to Love as my normal state of Being

And turn I must revolve this way the ways of men and know the way of God. The light now Lit within me shines the way and I AM filled with Loves Eternal Ray.
And so it is Amen

KiMani Divine©2017


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