My clients Well-Being is  the reason we’re in service. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about KiMani.




WelmanWorking with KiMani I was able to open up and get straight to unsolved traumas. KiMani has a way of providing you with the right tools and perspective to help YOU.  I must admit I am not the easiest person to get information to, yet every single session her coaching led me to what my soul needed for growth. Every session left me with new information and opened my eyes to new possibilities in choices, thoughts and feelings that I can create for myself. She is clearly an angel that I have attracted in my life to help me grow and for that I thank her immensely. Peace & love.. — Welma



image1Peace. Relaxation. Love. Happiness. All those things and much more will you gain after meeting Ki’Mani! My sessions with her transformed my life. She gives you the tools to guide yourself into being a better person. The lessons on self- love and meditation were exactly what I needed.  All the Best- Bree’Lynn





KiMani is a kindred spirit, gentle guider, and beautiful soul. I wanted someone to listen to me and help me understand my inner workings, she does with her gentle wisdom and compassion. I was reminded that spirituality is something I want and need everyday in my life. KiMani has guided me to find my own worth and in turn, feel God. I am very happy and I feel blessed to have met her. I am excited to continue in this journey!

With love,




LizA dear friend of mine recommended that I do one-one-one coaching with KiMani. I had absolutely no idea how much KiMani’s coaching would impact my life. She gets right to the root of the problem. The same for the Chakra sessions, all I can say is that every session was truly amazing. I learned so much about myself…….KiMani, I truly thank you for all you have done for me. One thing I know for sure, you can count on me to attend whatever class you have to
offer. Love –Liz xo!



UnjuliWorking with KiMani gave me an opportunity to accept my flaws without judgement, guilt or shame while acknowledging that I am responsible for these qualities within myself. Our work gave me permission to work with spirit, energy, God and the intangible in an open and vulnerable way that I did not believe was possible. The authenticity and support I received during our sessions, helped me build my own sense of confidence, certainty, capability and empowerment to live the life I want. I would recommend working with KiMani if you are willing to do the work to remove obstacles to your own self-healing practice through practical spiritual guidance.  Love and Light, Unjuhli