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I'm Here For You

My goal is to help you remember who you really are,  a Co-Creator with Supreme Source  and a emanation of it in embodiment. You are "The Thing Itself." 

I love supporting you in remembering this so that your life reflects this TRUTH!

When you remember who you are you can let go of thoughts and behaviors that  undermine you and your success.  Feeling renewed and fulfilled you can emerge like the Lotus from the mud ; Radiant, Prosperous and Joyful. 

"The Practitioner's business is to uncover God in every person." 

Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind


What is a Transformational Affirmative prayer Session

A Consciousness raising, Truth bearing, conversations with a  prayer practitioner ; highly  trained keeper of Spiritual Consciousness, that supports you in changing your  consciousness to receive TRUTH thereby changing your experience of life. 

 I support you in transforming limited beliefs into an awareness of Spiritual Truths  that lead to greater happiness.  

I share the tools of advanced inquiry working in Spiritual Consciousness to neutralize  the effects of negative thoughts, speech, actions and experiences  in your life which serves as tilling  the soil of your consciousness.  Together we plant new seeds of greater Truth through Affirmative prayer that geminate and grow  to create the life you desire. 

I offer you strategies and disciplines to support continued cultivation for your life after our session is over. 

You get to experience yourself renewed,  filled with vitality and enthusiasm



I recognize there is an all Pervading Power for Good. We are  the demonstration of this power and it is a deep connection to this Power that  transforms our life. We experience a deep and complete satisfaction with who we are and what we bring to the world because of this connection. We appreciate ourselves and others and live a life  full joy and prosperity. With gratitude and thankfulness to be alive to access this great mystery of Life,  I release this Word to Law, and so it is.

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