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Sacred Offerings

Yoga Class


Kundalini Yoga taught through Nirbaho Yoga 




Go in deep. Go in gentle, but by

 all means Go inside.

We use time tested techniques to support you in going within.  

Reiki & Energy Healing


Whether it a personal session or a class you can schedule it with us. 

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Master Teacher



I love traveling in order to take my healing to new levels. Being outside of our familiar comfort zones helps us decompress and relax into the process of healing without distractions. I traveled the country for 26 years for my profession. Flying to different cities around the globe helped me to create a deep appreciation for home and a profound respect for others. 

Early in my Spiritual development I went on healing retreats. I found that leaving my current environment behind created the space I needed to focus on me. That undivided time created the shift in me that I was looking for. It is a pleasure to now support others in doing the same.

Personal Coaching


My goal is to help you remember who you really are;

 a Co-Creator with Supreme Source  and an emanation of it in embodiment. 

You are "The Thing Itself." 

Get the personal support you deserve and let your light shine without apology!



Take classes in Metaphysics, Spiritual development. Meditation and hands on healing. Classes are held  On-line through Zoom and in person when appropriate. Most are in the evenings to accommodate those who work.